Training Your Dog Will Love

Wags has many training packages to fit your pup’s needs and your schedule. 

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Puppy Training

Our puppy programs set your new pup up for long-term success by providing both them and you with a foundation for a lifetime of skills building. 

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Puppy Preschool

The first few months of your puppy’s life are the most important and when they will learn the most. In puppy preschool your pup will learn basic manners like bite inhibition, calming down, sit, and a lot more. Your puppy must be 12-18 weeks to begin and have their second set of boosters with bordetella. Classes are twice a week for four weeks. Set your puppy up for success with puppy preschool!

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Puppy Kindergarten

Once your pup graduates preschool they will be ready for puppy kindergarten. Where our focus will be on impulse control and basic manners. Your pup will learn polite greetings, place, recall, and so much more. Two field trips are included to challenge your puppy’s new skills. Puppies must be 12 weeks old to begin the class and have their second set of boosters with bordetella. Classes meet twice a week for five weeks.

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Puppy Board and Train

Puppy Board and Train gives your puppy a more solid option for training, including sit, down, leash walking, place, recall, waiting for food, and waiting at thresholds. All puppies receive a ton of socialization time and group experiences while staying with us. Our 12-day Board and Train comes with a one-hour exit session with your family to transfer knowledge and skills.

Adult Training

Comprehensive skills ranging from basic obedience to life skills to align your dog’s behaviors with your lifestyle. Available as add-ons to daycare, private sessions, and board and trains.

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Basic Skills

Basic Skills is the perfect foundational skills class for your dog. This five-week program will focus on training your dog (7 months and up) on the confidence, socialization, and skills it will need to live a happy, successful life. This course is a great place to start with a new-to-you dog, rescue dogs, and dogs who may struggle or need to brush up on foundational skills. This course will cover socialization skills, confidence building, and basic obedience commands like sit, down, and so much more.

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Life Skills

Our Life Skills Programs offer a progressive way to give your dog skills specific to your lifestyle. Life Skills 1 focuses on helping your dog be the ideal companion at home and on walks. Life Skills 2 gives your dog the obedience and confidence to join you around town at a brunch or off-leash in a park. Life Skills 3 is perfect if you want to bring your dog on trips and adventures. 

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Enrichment Package

Our Enrichment package focuses on providing additional mental stimulation at daycare for your dog so they can go home both mentally and physically tired. It is excellent for dogs who need some variety during their daycare days, dogs who have excess energy they need to burn off, or dogs who do better in a smaller, tailored group setting. Enrichment activities encourage your dog to use their nose, problem-solve, and can be self-soothing. We will introduce a wide variety of food and non-food enrichment activities that help make sure your pup gets all the mental exercise they need. You can add this package to your Doggy Daycare or Board and Train packages.

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Skill Maintenance Package

Skill Maintenance packages are practice on skills your dog has already learned. This package helps retain obedience and skills if you do not have enough time to reinforce training concepts at home. Choose one to three skills per package that we can work on with your dog in 30 minutes each session. 

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Dog Training for Behavioral Issues

Our behavior modification and reactivity courses help with common issues like barking, lunging, separation anxiety, fearfulness, or fixating on other dogs or triggers. Our programs help reduce embarrassing behaviors so your dog can be their best selves with confidence and calmness, meaning you can have more peace at home and go on more adventures together!

Board and Train

Board and Train programs give us the opportunity to work with dogs with specific needs in focused and intensive ways building skills over a period of days or weeks. We offer a wide variety of Board and Train options to fit your needs that are affordable for any budget. Wags has three behaviorists and trainers on staff that utilize all positive methods for training and behavior modification. We specialize in dogs that need a boost in confidence and are fearful, shy, and reactive. Reactivity can present itself in many ways including, barking, lunging, shaking, cowering, whining, or aggression. Our Board and Train programs give us the opportunity to work with dogs with specific needs in focused and intensive ways building skills over a period of days or weeks.


Daycare & Train |
Full Day $79.0

Daycare & Train | Half Day $64.0

Board and Train | 2 Weeks $2,443.0

Board and Train | 3 Weeks $3,825.0

Board and Train | Puppy $1,729.0



Daycare & Train | Full Day $66.0

Daycare & Train | Half Day $69.0

Board & Train | 2 Weeks $2,635.0

Board & Train | 3 Weeks $4,125.0

Board & Train | Puppy $1,865.0

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Private Training

Private sessions are priced per hour and per household. These sessions include working with owners on skill reinforcement. Additional Rates may apply based on location:

Behavior Consultations to assess your dog are $120 at a Wags facility or $160 at your home.

At Wags:

·        In-Studio Private Session $120/hr

·        Package of 4 one-hour sessions $400

·        Package of 8 one-hour sessions $720

·        Package of 10 30-minute sessions $500

In Home*

·        In-Home Private Session $160/hr

·        Package of 4 one-hour sessions $560

·        Package of 8 one-hour sessions $960

*In-home or a location of your choosing within 10 miles of your trainer

Online Training

Private training sessions are available online to help with behavior challenges and skills reinforcement. Our trainers are expert coaches and can give you the tools you need to help your dog. This pack includes four one-hour sessions of one-on-one video conferencing with you, your dog, and our trainer as well as supplemental documents with homework and techniques. Sessions can be scheduled to fit your schedule. 

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Side by Side: Group Training Classes

Group classes are an excellent way to work with your dog under the guidance of one of our instructions. Courses include both in-class exercises and homework to keep your dog progressing.

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Custom Training

Sometimes your pup has specific needs and Wags can craft a program in our facility, online, or in your home to create dramatic results, even if other training efforts have failed.